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Our Culture

MicroLaw is looking for a few uniquely skilled people in key positions as we grow to meet the needs of our expanding client base. Legal technology is an industry MicroLaw helped create and has nurtured for nearly 30 years. As experienced attorneys and law office administrators ourselves, we have deep insight into the needs of the legal profession. We use that insight and experience to  implement game changing technology and practice management solutions for firms of every size all over the United States (and sometimes beyond).

If you have what it takes to be part of a solid professional team, we offer a working environment second to none.  Our best clients work from anywhere, unimpeded by technological barriers, and so do we. We let you work the way you work best. In return, we expect excellence and demonstrated passion for your role here every day, because that is what our client and their employees deserve.

A Few Great Reasons to Join Our Team

1. We design and implement transformative change for our clients.
2. You get to improve the professional lives of hundreds of people every year.
3. Ample opportunities to expand your knowledge and skill set.
4. The privilege of working with very smart clients and colleagues.
5. We value inspiration and creativity, with solid follow-through.
6. We love coming to work every day. We’re passionate about what we do.
7. Our work is widely respected throughout the industry, in the USA and beyond.


We are currently seeking a few good people for the following positions:

  • Legal Technology Analyst
  • Senior Account Executive
  • Helpdesk Technician
  • Technology Intern

If you don’t fit perfectly into one of these roles, but you have skills that would be good for MicroLaw, and good for our clients…show us. We know excellence when we see it. A law degree or law office experience is highly preferred, but general business and technical skills are also valued.  If you have both…even better.

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